We take a holistic view to market access and we make sure that our solutions meet the need and the expectations of all stakeholders.

Strategic market access:

Market entry and reimbursement of innovative products remain the hardest milestone for pharma companies, especially since health authorities constantly enforce measures to curb overall healthcare spending.

At LeadCares, we have the expertise to design a coherent and compelling market access strategy by engaging all relevant stakeholders and policymakers early on to validate the value proposition and make sure it resonates well with the budget holders.

The market access strategy can consist of:

  • Localization of value dossier
  • Stakeholders’ mapping
  • Reimbursement strategies
  • Value communication tools

    As rapidly growing markets, Middle Eastern countries hold great potential for manufacturers. Many strategies have been deployed in order to accelerate market entry and overcome downward price pressure; however, International Reference Pricing (IRP) remains the major pain point in pricing and reimbursement negotiations.

    Our team pays particular attention to IRP rules and develops different scenarios that will help determine the most sustainable pricing strategy in order to protect your price and at the same time avoid spill-over effects to other markets.

    Also, our value-based pricing approach will guide you through the right pricing solution that can address real access hurdles.

    These solutions can include:

  • IRP analysis
  • Pricing scenarios
  • Business Case template
  • Value-based pricing models
  • Patient Support Program:

    With the rising economic pressure, patients are facing increasing challenges across the healthcare pathway resulting in a dire need for patient assistance programs.

    From screening to treatment, patient management requires a set of skills and expertise to identify real access barriers and tailor solutions that ultimately deliver superior outcomes.

    At LeadCares, we ensure that the benefits of the PSP are properly articulated to patients, care-givers, and payers to result in a comprehensive understanding of the program.

    Our experienced and skilled team of care coaches will drive a stress-free patient journey by helping with the on-boarding, providing psychological support and optimizing patients’ adherence to treatment.

    With our program, patients can receive:

  • Medical training
  • Financial assistance
  • Psychological support
  • Patient awareness & testing
  • Policy & Public Affairs:

    After years of working with governmental officials on new launches and value communication, we understand the payer’s perspective and local market challenges. We engage policymakers early on and work hard to understand how key stakeholders define value and what type of value messages are acceptable.

    Our services include:

  • Stakeholders’ engagement
  • Payer negotiation
  • Price appeal templates
  • Payer Advisory Boards
  • Digital engagement:

    We take a holistic view to stakeholders’ engagement, and we leverage our digital capabilities to drive differentiation and scale the approach in order to manage cost and maximize patient and physicians’ experiences.

    Our digital experts will guide you to the right digital tool that can drive product differentiation and strengthen engagement. These tools consist of:

  • Patient & Physicians’ portals
  • Mobile apps
  • PSP Dashboards
  • EMR